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NO WORRIES PET & FARM SITTING provides your family with excellent and trustworthy pet sitting in the comfort of your own home. We have experience with a wide range of animals including dogs, cats, birds, horses, farm animals and exotics.  We tailor our services to meet your pet and farm sitting needs.

We specialize in serving Williamson County including the communities of Franklin, Brentwood, Cool Springs, Fieldstone Farms, Grassland, McKays Mill, Westhaven, Leipers Fork, Bellevue and Fairview.

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Why Should I Hire an In-Home Pet Sitter?

Benefits for your pet:

  • They are surrounded by familiar sights, smells and sounds and will maintain consistency with their regular diet and exercise routine; reducing anxiety while you are away
  • They will have play time and individual care that includes loving and petting, instead of being kenneled at a boarding facility
  • They will not risk exposure to other animals’ illnesses or parasites

Benefits for you:

  • Complete relaxation that comes from knowing your beloved pets are in loving, capable hands
  • Elimination of the stress of transporting and leaving your pets in an unfamiliar environment
  • Not feeling the imposition of asking family, friends or neighbors to care for your pets
  • Knowing someone is keeping an eye on your property with frequent visits while you are away

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Our Services & Rates

In Home Pet Sitting
When you leave for your next business trip or vacation you do not need to be worried about your babies! We strive to copy your pet’s regular routine by providing daily affection in your home, fresh food and water, exercise/play, outdoor potty breaks or litter box maintenance and medication administration.

Or – maybe you are working long hours and find you can’t give your faithful friend the time he/she needs? We offer dog walking/exercising in the middle of the day that of course includes a potty break. Dogs who don’t get enough exercise can become anxiety-ridden and/or aggressive. Rates start at $25 for in-home pet sitting visits. Whatever you need – we can do!

We also offer overnight pet sitting where a sitter stays in your home with your pets. All basic care is included as well as other complimentary house sitting tasks (gathering mail, taking out trash, watering plants, etc). The sitter may leave for a few hours (as you would) but will limit their absence to a short time. Rates start at $100/night. Tell us what you need!

Doggy Chauffeur/Shopping Services
We provide transportation for your pets to and from the vet, the groomer or a play visit to the dog park. Anything you need, we are happy to do! Contact us for more info!

Farm Sitting Services
As farm owners, we understand the unwavering dedication we have to our animals. We know that not just anyone is capable of managing the needs of a working farm. Our mission is to provide you with meticulous care for your farm and those that call it home.  Our extremely knowledgeable and experienced farm-sitters will handle the daily tasks of your farm like they do on their own! Whether it be cats and dogs, horses, mules, donkeys, pigs, alpacas, goats, chickens, bunnies, birds, etc – we have you covered!

Meet the Team

Our extremely knowledgeable, experienced and trust-worthy Pet and Farm Sitters will

“…take the worry out of leaving your pets!”

Jeffi Hurst

Jeffi was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. After earning her degree in Biochemistry from Seton Hill University, she relocated to Nashville in 2003 and managed a lab within the Center for Integrative and Cognitive Neuroscience at Vanderbilt University, and worked hand-in-hand with PhDs and Veterinarians and subsequently had a front-row seat to some incredible cutting-edge research. Several years later, the concrete walls of the lab were no longer agreeing with her so in 2007 she left Vandy, purchased a farm in Franklin and opened the Green Barn, a horse-boarding facility where her passion for caring for all creatures great and small has continued to bloom. Jeffi has been petsitting professionally for over 10 years and her detail-oriented/animal-loving brain merges perfectly as she enjoys hands-on pet sitting as well as is tasked with managing the entire business, scheduling, etc. Even so, she always jumps at the opportunity to love on even more sweet pets. In her spare time (which isn’t much!) you can find her making kissy faces with her giant blue Great Dane, trotting around the trails at her farm on her Arabian horse, Midnight Tserenade or zooming down the Natchez Trace on her bright yellow Triumph – (usually with the guy pictured below)

Brandon Hurst

Brandon Hurst is originally from North Canton, OH. He moved to Tennessee after earning his BA degree in Arts and Media Engineering in 2008. Brandon is a gifted recording engineer and musician who has an eye for art of all types: painting, photography, designing, songwriting, woodworking. He works as a Firefighter for Williamson County and is the manager/co-owner of the Green Barn. Anyone that knows Brandon knows the size of his heart – helping people and rescuing ANY animal in need. Since his involvement with the Green Barn, the farm has grown from horses and dogs – to horses, dogs, pigs, goats, chickens, bunnies and the cutest little donkey ever, who he lovingly named after Jeffi – “JeffD”. Brandon has been working with NWPS for about 5 years and loves pet and farm sitting. When he’s not working at his various jobs, you might catch him at the tattoo shop adding to his collection, on the tractor doing “farm stuff” or scouring the internet looking for more animals he can adopt!

Kirsten Curry

Kirsten is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. She moved to Tennessee in 2006, at the age of eight, with her mother and older sister Katie (who also works with No Worries!) She graduated from Franklin High School in 2016 and is currently in the process of furthering her education. Kirsten is an avid lover of all animals and enjoys spending her time surrounded by nature. As an enthusiast of music, Nashville suits her perfectly and she enjoys live shows and music festivals. Compassionate, flexible, reliable and trustworthy, she is a well-rounded young adult who is delighted for the opportunity to love on your sweet pets!

Katie Curry

After graduating from Franklin High School, Katie started her career in business management but deep down always knew her true passion was working with animals. Eventually she decided to pursue that passion which led her to volunteering and eventually working full-time at her local animal shelter. Experiencing the true joy rescue animals could bring, she decided to further her Vet Med career and became a licensed Veterinary Technician. She currently manages the Franklin clinic of Natchez Trace Veterinary Services. When not spending time with her clinic patients or pet sitting other furry friends you can find her trail riding in her Jeep with her Blue Heeler Beau, curled up reading a good book or hiking at one of Tennessee’s numerous beautiful state parks. Katie’s years of extensive animal care experience make her a huge asset to NWPS.

Libby Smallbone

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Libby moved with her family to the states in the early 1990s. Having lived on a farm most of her life, she has been the primary caregiver of quite the menagerie: dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, horses, donkeys, pigs, sheep, chickens, goats and alpacas! Needless to say, Libby is experienced to handle any job NWPS needs staffed.   She has worked with NWPS for over 10 years and is a compassionate, familiar face to most of our clients. She is an extremely talented and passionate artist, photographer and singer/songwriter as well as an avid horsewoman, having bred and trained several horses from birth to successful careers in showjumping.

Debby Muskar

Debby, originally from Jericho, New York, moved to Northern California in 2011 after meeting her husband, Ryan, a native Californian. After visiting Franklin on vacation in 2016, Debby and Ryan decided that “southern charm” was the real deal and they moved to the area later that year.  Formerly a teacher and administrator in K-12 Education, Debby decided to leave the field to pursue her real passion to work with and care for animals.  As an animal lover all her life, from her first pet, a pied cockatiel, to her childhood family dog and now her three cats, Debby not only works as a pet sitter with NWPS, she also volunteers at the Williamson County Animal Center.  She has a warm and compassionate heart and loves every minute she spends with both pets and rescue animals.

Helen and David Smallbone

Helen and David Smallbone relocated with their 7 children (including Libby!) to Nashville from Australia in 1991. Their entire lives have been dedicated to giving back and serving… people, animals, you name it! After purchasing a hobby farm in Franklin, the Smallbones began to expand their herd to include rescue animals of all shapes and sizes.  Their “herd” now includes their grown children, daughters-in-laws, son-in-laws, several grandchildren and friends, all of which LOVE to come to the farm to help with the daily chores of providing love to all the animals in need. They have been a steady force, working with NWPS for over 10 years.

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for ALL creatures great and small

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Interested in what others are saying about No Worries?

Paula P.  (Brentwood)
No Worries Pet Sitting is the best. Their company name says it all! You can truly trust them with your pet(s) and have no worries at all. They have done sitting for me many times and I have always come home to happy dogs! They truly fall in love with your pet and treat them like their own! I highly recommend calling them for all your pet needs!

Liz J. (Franklin)
We love No Worries Pet Sitting. We used to board our dog, then scramble for cat & chicken care but NWPS takes care of all of our pets. They are reliable, great with all of our pets and they text us daily to keep us updated. We feel really comfortable knowing they’re going to be there twice a day and they really care about all of our animals. In fact, the first time we used NWPS, a member of the team called me because she was concerned that our lab wasn’t eating much. That was normal but I was impressed that she paid that much attention. I would highly recommend using No Worries Pet Sitting – we’ve been thoroughly satisfied. They are the only ones we would consider calling when we need a pet sitter.

Kathy B. (Franklin)
From the moment I met with NWPS, I realized their love and enthusiasm for all animals… big, small and in between. Their record speaks for itself as they have worked for me routinely for two years. They have an impeccable work ethic. NWPS are dependable, trustworthy, and they genuinely love their work. As a horse and dog owner, I feel so lucky to have found a company that is comfortable juggling multiple animals. They have a keen eye for anything out of the ordinary and will be the first to point out a change in your pets, whether it be medical or behavioral. NWPS is indeed a rare commodity, and I am so glad our paths have crossed.